Martha Lourey-Bird is an exercise scientist with a difference. With 25 years’ experience in the academic, corporate and training sectors, she is sought after as a scientific advisor and for her talent as a health and wellbeing presenter. She’s also an engaging, inspiring sports coach and, with a Masters degree in Sports Science, an award-winning university lecturer. Her mission is to make exercise accessible for ‘every body’.

Trust me, i’m a scientist

Martha deals in facts not fiction. What makes her tick? Helping people create healthy, active lifestyles in a way that works best for them. Using the latest science and research, she knows how to deliver health and wellbeing benefits to suit the stage you’re at and the lifestyle you live. She’s particularly passionate about…

Whether you’ve got toddlers, primary schoolers or teenagers, being more active as a family is achievable and delivers much more than physical health benefits alone. Martha can show you how.

From exercising during pregnancy, to using activity to manage PMS and live well through menopause, there are science-backed strategies that work. Let Martha help you navigate the research.

Being more active can mean finding ways to integrate exercise into or around your work life. Regardless of what your typical work day (or night!) looks like, Martha’s tips deliver results.

Exercise improves mood, reduces stress and helps protect memory and cognition against disease. Discover Martha’s practical take on the science and how to keep your mind motivated to move.

Martha’s Blog

To stay up to date with Martha’s latest ideas and inspiration, check out her blog. A firm believer in practising what she preaches, there’s always something new she’s keen to share!

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