Martha Lourey-Bird MSpSc, BSpSc(ExSc), DipRT


With her Masters degree, Martha is a qualified exercise scientist, university lecturer, scientific adviser, fitness editor, corporate wellness presenter, sport's coach, author and proud mum to her very own fit kids.  


Martha was a Lecturer in the School of Public Health and Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, for over 15years. She has personally taught over 20,000 University students and was awarded the prestigious Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award in 2010.

As a 6-foot tall athlete, she was involved in the fitness industry for two decades as a leading instructor trainer, a recipient of the state’s Fitness Leader of the Year award, presenter at countless conferences and previous owner of her own personal training company - training celebrities, politicians, musicians, fashion designers, mums and dads.


Her career has taken her all around the world, including a three-year contract in London as Training Director of SHAPE Fitness Education and representing Weight Watchers in an International fitness role in both New York & San Francisco. She has presented health & fitness advice in over 12 different countries, as far afield as Finland. These days, residing on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, she actively shares her health content on radio, television, print and social media.


With a special interest in family health & corporate wellness, she leads by example, passionately practising what she preaches in her own everyday life, while balancing the demands of a busy work schedule & family life as a wife & mother to her own very active family! 


Martha also regularly volunteers her time coaching girl's sports teams, giving presentations at schools, leading walking groups and sharing inspiring tips and tricks for healthy living.  


Martha has a knack for finding easy ways to improve your health in your everyday life, no matter how busy you are or what your lifestyle is like. Give her the problem and she will help you find a workable solution.


"I love helping people make positive changes to their lifestyle - at home or work. Presenting health & wellness content in a way that's relevant to a wide variety of audiences is my passion."


Martha passionately believes that exercise is for “every body" and her positive, personal and practical approach is captured in her book Exercise and the F word... FUN! (Insight Publications, rrp $24.95).


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