Baby-friendly activity

Baby-friendly activity

Fitting in regular exercise post-baby can be a challenge. Factor in everything from a (huge!) change in routine to the fact that your body has experienced something significant, and carving out time to do some physical activity isn’t always easy. But it’s not impossible – and it’s also really important.

As a mood booster, stress reliever and energy enhancer, exercise provides a wide range of benefits for mums with young bubs – including the chance to socialise, depending on the type of activity you pick.

The key thing to remember is to take it easy at first. Then, once you’ve had your six-week check-up and your doctor has given you the all-clear, you can gradually pick up the pace and begin to incorporate different types of activity.

Also remember that, for as long as you continue to breastfeed, it’s really important to get adequate rest, food and fluids. For the sake of comfort and regular milk supply, it’s usually best to exercise after, rather than just before, feeding.

Some baby-friendly activity ideas include:

  • Invest in an all-terrain three-wheel pram with tyre wheels so you can get out and enjoy daily walks.
  • Try different parks or walking tracks and use your exercise time to expose your baby to a range of different sights, smells and environments.
  • If the weather isn’t ideal or the terrain around your local area is too rough, don’t forget you can walk around a shopping mall, window shopping with your baby in a front-pack.
  • Get together once a week with a group of mums, put your babies in their prams and go for a brisk walk and talk.
  • Download some workout apps for times when it’s difficult to get out of the house.
  • Rent an exercise bike or treadmill to ride or walk on, in the comfort of your own home, while baby is sleeping.
  • Try a post-natal yoga or group exercise class where your baby is welcome to join you.
  • Visit a gym with a crèche, or ask your partner or a friend or relative to babysit, so you can go to a structured exercise class once a week.


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