Happy (healthy!) school holidays

Happy (healthy!) school holidays

It’s school holidays in a few different parts of the country, including right here in my hometown in NSW. And that got me thinking… what do you usually plan or organise for your family during the break?

School holidays are a great chance for our kids to relax and unwind from the demands of their school lives, but they also provide a really great opportunity for children, no matter what age they are, to try something new. That being the case, why not take the chance to make that ‘new thing’ an ‘active thing’?

When you think about it, it makes sense. While school holidays are a chance for our kids to relax, free of the school routine, without a plan in place, it can also mean a whole lot of hours to do, well, nothing much! And because a sedentary life isn’t the healthiest life, the holidays can provide precious time to be active, particularly for kids and families who struggle to find that time regularly, during term time. Here are a few ideas to make it work:

  • Day-to-day life is busy, so, if you’re at home with your kids during the holidays, the break can deliver a chance to spend time with your kids, while giving them the freedom to have a go at activities, or check out locations where they can be active, that you don’t usually have time for. Think horse riding, rollerblading or ice skating – or going for a surf, walk or swim at a new location, a bit further away from home. You’ll find more age-appropriate, fun, fitness ideas for your kids, here.
  • If you usually like to get away during the school holidays, consider choosing a location that provides as many opportunities as possible to be active. Think places where you can stretch your legs or hit the water, or try more adventurous pursuits, like skiing and climbing. Camping grounds that provide top-notch facilities for kids (some of them are like mini water parks!) are a great choice, too.
  • Can’t take time off from work to spend with your kids while they’re on holiday? Consider enrolling them in an active school-holiday camp. These days there are so many different options available, everything from the traditional sport-based options (think tennis, cricket and soccer) to more ‘creative’ choices (like acrobatics, archery and fishing). Check out what’s available in your local area and beyond.
  • It (really!) doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, encouraging your kids to be active during the holidays doesn’t have to cost a cent. Take advantage of public sports fields, parks, pools, beaches and courts and the options are endless.

An effective, helpful thing to do at the start of every school holiday is to ask everyone in your family to write down one or two activities they’d love to do or try. With that done, bring everyone’s ‘wish lists’ and suggestions together, and choose those that you’ll have a go at, over the holidays, making sure that at least one ‘thing’ from everyone’s list makes the final cut. It’s a great way to create a really fun, active and memorable school holiday break. Why not give it a go?

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