House-bound workout ideas

House-bound workout ideas

Due to covid-19, the amount of people at home is increasing, so it’s important to remember how beneficial exercise is in elevating your mood, lowering anxiety and improving your overall health.

You can still exercise while confined to your home and, while you may feel very frustrated at what you can’t do, let me help you with ideas for what you CAN still do.

Routine is so important for mental health and productivity so if you want to be active each day, set in stone the time or times to do it. You can set an alarm to remind you to move regularly, you can do it first thing in the morning, during a lunch break, every evening before you shower, etc.  The timing doesn’t matter but consistency does.

While you’re house-bound, your options may be limited and you may not be able to do what you used to do, instead approach exercise with these 3 areas in mind:

  1. Cardio exercise involves increasing your breathing rate and getting your heart pumping for an extended period of time to help improve your overall mental and physical health. Put some music on and dance like no one is watching (because no one is!) for as many songs as you can keep moving for, or you can do laps of your home or garden, climbs stairs (if you have them), march up and down on the spot or up and down one step, non-stop in 5-10minute bursts.
  2. Flexibility involves stretching your body when you are warm to help improve posture, prevent pain and increase mobility. Start with a full body stretch and then choose any stretches you like doing or look up stretches online. Remember to hold each stretch still (no bouncing) for 30-60secs and never to the point of pain.
  3. Resistance training involves using your muscles against a force so you improve the strength and condition of your body. Divide the body up into 3 parts so you exercise each area each day, and start with the easiest version then advance gradually from there:
    • Upper body – push up
      Start with a push up on knees (pictured) and, once you can easily do 1 continuous minute x 3-5 times, advance to a push up on toes for 1 continuous minute x 3-5 times.
      Push Up
    • Lower body – squat
      Start with a 45 degree squat at the knees and, once you can easily do repetitions continuously for 1 minute x 3-5 times, advance to 90 degree squats (pictured) for 1 minute x 3-5 sets.
    • Mid body – plank
      Start with a plank on knees and forearms (pictured) and, once you can easily do 1 continuous minute x 3-5 times, advance to a plank on hands and toes for 1 minute x 3-5 times.

It’s important to do some form of exercise everyday for your overall mental and physical health, especially at this time.


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