Let’s do lunch

Let’s do lunch

And by ‘do’ I mean actually making the effort to take a break on workdays, to enjoy a healthy lunch. When was the last time you did that? While it might not sound like anything particularly special or out of the ordinary, statistics suggest the opposite is true. In fact, while 44 per cent of Australians continue to work while they eat their lunch, more than one in four of us are skipping it altogether.

According to the researchers behind those statistics, a number of things are responsible, and while the main excuse given is ‘being too busy’, another reason is that a workplace’s culture might be such that skipping lunch has become the norm.

It’s unfortunate because when people do take a break for lunch, the majority say they concentrate better and are more productive when they return. They also report enjoying their job more, and feeling less stressed out by it. That’s got to be good, right?

I know myself how challenging it can be on those crazy busy days to set aside a little bit of time for lunch. But, as well as providing a chance to eat your midday meal mindfully rather than distractedly, taking a break from work for lunch can also provide an opportunity to squeeze some activity into your day.

I’m not suggesting you have to hit the gym at midday or get so sweaty that you’ll need a shower afterwards (although if that does suit your lifestyle and your schedule, go for it!). Just heading outside for a short walk to a nearby green space will do the trick. Make sure your lunch is portable and you can take it with you and eat it amongst that greenery, when you get there. You can find more active lunch break inspiration, as well as learn more about why it’s such a healthy thing to strive for, here.

The fact is, having flexibility in the workplace can make it easier to fit activity into, or around, your work commitments, as well as providing the freedom to take the sort of lunch break that works best for you. Not sure what a flexible workplace is exactly, why they’re so beneficial or how to go about finding or establishing one? You can read more about that, here, or head to flexibleworkingday.com.

Flexible Working Day is an international day that provides an opportunity to celebrate and showcase the benefits of flexible work for both people and organisations, as well as marking a call to action to tackle flexism. It’s taking place on Wednesday, June 6, and I’m excited to be an Ambassador for this year’s event.

There are so many reasons why I personally support and encourage flexible working environments, and it’s true that different people require flexibility in different facets of their working life. But why not make a start this week by dedicating a little more thought, love and care to your midday meal breaks? You might just discover that it’s a small change that can pack a really big punch at lunch.


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