The ‘best time’ to exercise

The ‘best time’ to exercise

You may have read that exercising at certain times of the day, and depending on whether you have or haven’t eaten first, will produce ‘better’ results.

The fact is that while some research does support the idea that exercising before breakfast on an empty stomach may be more efficient at using body fat as a fuel source, in reality the best time to exercise is when it suits you most. That means you’ll be more likely to stick with it for the long haul. Also remember that any ‘physical’ changes you might notice with regular exercise aren’t the only positives to focus on – there are so (so!) many other reasons to be active, everything from improved mood to better sleep and a healthier brain.

With any fitness routine, convenience and enjoyment are the two key ingredients. So, on top of finding a time that works for you, picking an activity you enjoy – rather than making workouts too complicated or inconvenient – is the name of the game. If you’re not a morning person and you really don’t enjoy running, don’t take up early morning runs!

On the other hand, if early morning workouts work for you, great! Keep doing it. To set yourself up for success to stick with it, don’t underestimate the power of planning ahead. If you choose and lay your workout gear, complete with your runners and anything else you need – like headphones – out the night before, you’ll find it easier to get up and out the door when the alarm goes off.

Likewise, if you prefer exercising after work but often find it a challenge to get out the door again once you’ve returned home, throw your gear in the car or in a bag to take with you to work, so you can change at the office and work out on the way home, instead. Or, if lunchtime is your only ‘free time’ there are plenty of ways to make that work too, with a little planning ahead. Find out more here.

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