Raising Athletes

Martha is the founder of Raising Athletes, a go-to guide to support parents raising young athletes.

Parents who find themselves raising a naturally talented, young athlete often feel a bit like they’ve been thrown in the deep end (so if that’s you, you’re not alone!). They regularly find themselves wondering and searching for answers about a whole lot of things, everything from training loads to nutrition needs. And they usually end up taking on and navigating a wide variety of roles, too – but knowing how to perform and juggle them all isn’t always easy.

Martha is genuinely passionate about sharing not just her expertise as a sports and exercise scientist, but also the tips, research, real-life stories and access to expert advice and handy hints she has collected since the beginning of her own journey raising two young athletes.

Raising your own young athlete? Check out Raising Athletes for more information – and pick up a whole lot of practical, sensible, evidence-based advice and support while you’re there.