How active are you?

How active are you?

Now that Covid-19 restrictions are beginning to ease and we start to resume a more typical day, what areas of your life do you want to go back to and what areas do you want to change? We have learnt how important health is, so if that is something you would like to improve, regular physical activity can help. If your activity levels are something you would like to increase, take this 8-question quiz today, follow the suggestions in the results at the end and then take the quiz again next month to see how you are tracking.

Question 1 Incidental Activity:

How often do you move?

A several times a day

B every hour throughout the day

C I try to avoid it

Question 2 Exercise Frequency:

How often do you exercise?

A several times a week

B daily

C rarely

Question 3 Exercise Intensity:

How hard do you exercise?

A I get a bit out of breath, I can still talk but couldn’t sing

B usually I am out of breath, can’t talk nor sing

C not very hard, I can easily talk and could sing

Question 4 Exercise Type:

What type of exercise do you do?

A I do mostly the same exercise regime

B I do a wide variety of exercise

C Hardly any

Question 5 Exercise Duration:

How long do you exercise for most days?

A At least 30 minutes

B At least an hour

C Less than 30 minutes

Question 6 Motivation: 

How do you stay motivated to exercise?

A To stay on track, I exercise with friends, listen to podcasts, join a team, train for an event, etc

B I love exercising and don’t really need much motivation

C I don’t enjoy exercise and really struggle with motivation

Question 7 Sedentary behaviour: 

When you have spare time, what do you usually do? 

A get out of the house/office and go shopping, catch up with friends or do some physical activity

B exercise is my first choice whenever I get spare time

C watch a movie, read a book or have a nap

Question 8 Exercise choice:

Which of these three exercise options – cardio, resistance and flexibility – do you do most weeks?

A I do one to two of these most weeks

B I do two to three most weeks

C one or none most weeks


Mostly As – You are doing really well! Consider also regularly adding in something new to your exercise regime, to keep things interesting for your body and your mind. For example, try yoga, pilates, a new sport or activity*.

Mostly Bs – Congratulations! You certainly have your exercise and physical activity levels sorted. Keep doing what you are doing and also remember to change things up regularly by doing something different to benefit your body and your mind*.

Mostly Cs – Don’t worry if physical activity and exercise are a challenge for you. The fact you took this Quiz shows you are interested in getting started. Simply begin by moving more within your daily life. For example, stand instead of sit and set an alarm every 55 minutes to remind you to walk around 5 minutes every hour of the day. All these little changes can really add up so, look for ways to be more active in your day and reduce your sedentary time*.

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